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About J Room Bank

J Room Bank is a portal site where users can find rooms equipped with the necessary furniture, appliances, and lifestyle items, so that the user can start their life with just one bag. The procedures for electricity, gas, and water have also already been taken care of, so the user does not have to worry themselves with troublesome procedures.
No need for key money, and brokerage fees when renting a general rental apartment, and no need for a guarantor or having to join a guarantor company, allows for the ease of use of Furnished Room.
As most of the customers who use our services are located overseas, it is not possible to visit the room in advance, however J Room Bank provides a 360° view of the room, allowing users to apply and enter into contracts with peace of mind after confirming the details of the room situation.

Reasons to Choose J Room Bank

  • Furnished Rooms

    Furnished Rooms

    All rooms are fully furnished and ready for you to move in. You can start your life in Japan easily and comfortably.

  • Short Term Availability

    Short Term Availability

    The shortest stay term is one month. From the one month, users can stay in units of days, making it suitable for a variety of uses, such as studying abroad, work such as internships, and sightseeing.

  • No Key Money

    No Key Money

    The website doesn’t require key money from tenants.
    We strive to provide apartments as a low cost.

  • No Agent Fee

    No Agent Fee

    Not only will you not have to pay key money, but we also don’t have agency fees.

  • No Guarantor,
    No Guarantor company

    No Guarantor, No Guarantor company

    Usually, a guarantor is required to make a contract, but we don’t require you to provide one. We also won’t require you to provide a guarantor company instead of a guarantor.

  • Monthly Payment Available

    Monthly Payment Available

    Monthly payments are available for long-term contracts. There is no need to pay all at once.